For ZIPATO Smart Home controller

Control without any action home devices via your GPS location.

HOW it works

In or Out of the target zone?

Smart Home actions are executed, when you are leaving or returning the target zone, like your home or work place location. You defines target zone in the app easily the via the viewed map and radius input.


Arm the alarm system

Arm the alarm system automatically when you leave your home area

Set the heating temp. 

Adjust automatically the heating system when you leaving your office.

Switch lights or devices

Switch lights by entering the home zone.

How it works

Step by step

Step 1

Create Smart Home scenes in the ZIPATO Web portal, e.g. arm the alarm system.

Step 2

 Set the target area in the app via center point (map single click) and radius input.

Step 3

Choose a Smart Home scene for "In" & "Out" of the target zone. Start the location tracking. Move.

zipaGPS Features

Effective: Mobile phone GPS location triggers the scene execution, without any manual action. 
Secure: Your ZIPATO credentials are stored encrypted. 
Be informed: App sends notifications by scene execution, e.g. to your smart watch.
No limits: App supports all scenes from your ZIPATO controller.

User friendly: Easy target center definition by a tap at the displayed world map.
World wide: Length / radius in meter or feet. Clock in 24h or AM/PM format.

zipaGPS Start vs PRO


Free trail with limited function: "Out" scene is fix set to the selected "In" scene.


Unlimited version

iOS App

iPhone / iPad with iOS 10 and higher. Important: Allow location access for the app, set it to "Always"!

Android App

Android 5.1 or higher, 32 bit & 64bit systems. Grant the location and SD card access.

ZIPATO Smart Home Controller

ZIPABOX, ZIPATILE or ZIPAMICRO. Tip: Test the access with the free "Start" app version before you buy the "PRO".

Frequently Asked Questions

target area

Move  the map with your finger to the new center point. Confirm it by a double click with your finger.

Yes. Use the input box Longitude & Latitude.

Yes. Use the button right from the radius input.


Yes, to execute the scene you need mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Please check the app permissions via your operating system setup. Look for apps and permissions. The access to the internet and GPS location is needed.

Yes, search for "zipaGPS Start" in the app store. Note: The "OUT" scene of the trail version fixed set to the selected "In" scene.

Use the button "Current" / "Target", right from the map zoom slider.

Check the app permission.  Allow location access "Always". Check  iOS setting: Privacy / Location service / App Name. Set it to "Always"

Scene execution

A scene combines actions for a group of devices and set it to a certain state (on, off, 25°C…). Once the scene is called by the GPS location, all devices in that group will go to that certain state.

When you leaving the target zone (inner circle), the scene selected as "OUT" is executed. When returning, the "IN" scene is performed. A scene combines actions for a group of devices and set it to a certain state.

All in your ZIPATO controller available scenes. 

You can create and modify your scenes via the Zipato Web  portal.

Yes. Press the "In" or "Out" button, right from the scene name, to execute the scene. 

Note: An Wi-Fi or internet connection is required.

You use the limited "Start" app version. To avoid the limit buy the "PRO" version.

Open the system log viewer page. Here you see the date & time, the distance to the center and scene name.

To avoid multiple scene executions due to GPS tolerances in the range of the in/out border, a threshold from 10% is implemented.

Example: Radius 3000m, "Out" triggers at 3300m,  "In" triggers at 2700m.

Create a virtual switch and two scenes who's changes the state in "on/off". Create also two rules to arm / disarm the intruder alarm via the switch state. 

Format clock & distance

Select the unit via the app setup. The distance and radius is displayed as meter or feet.

Note: Values >9999 are displayed as km or miles.

The comma is always displayed as "."

Set the format in the app setup.