SCORE master 123

Store game results, enjoy an award ceremony, display statistics, create certificates or share data with your co-player...

Card Games

Skat, Rummy, Doppelkopf, Canasta,...

Board games

Monopoly, Chess, Ludo, ....

Ball games

Tennis, Squash, Badminton,...

And many more...

Ninepins, Bowling, Golf, Dart,...

Easy game point input and addition.

Select a game type and start the input. The assigned players are displayed automatically. Input the results per round. Bonus: The app calculates the total, like for card game Romme.  

Nice for card games: An indicator ">>" displays whose turn is it?

Animated winner ceremony and souvenir photo.

Enjoy the animated top 3 winner ceremony with audio applause . 

Remember to the emotional moments by a photos. Nice to see it years later.


Create gamer certificates.

Each co-player has access to the


How many times have I reached place 1,2,3...?  Who is the winner in the year 2019?


View a list of the results to each game by date.  Display the stored picture or create a gamer certificate.

Observe the current game score input with your own cell phone or remotely far away. 

Each of your co-players can follow the current score for the running game immediately or from a distance, e.g. on vacation. 

App SCOREmaster 123 PRO vs Start


  • Free Version 

  • No photo attachment

  • Preinstalled DEMO access, for an easy first impression

  • English manual here in the download area  

  • Limited statistics

  • Limited to max. 3 players


  • Unlimited version
  • Take and attach a camera photo
  • Attach a picture from the phone photo gallery
  • Create game certificates 
Available at

iOS 10 or higher.

Android 7.x or higher (32 or 64bit)

PRO also available as PC-Version for MS-Windows for free!


New: PDF Help file English / Deutsch

Tips and Tricks on YouTube


Frequently Asked Questions


Enabled: Automatic login with the previous credentials "User name" . and "Password". After login use NOT the "Logout" function! 

The nickname is your player name. The nickname is displayed at the TOP 3 view or at the score sheet as your name. The user name is the system login name. It must be unique. Both can be different or the same.

Your game group leader are able to reset your password.

Each player can change their own password.


The game results are stored in the cloud. Only you and YOUR co-player gets the access to the team game results. 

Open the phone photo app.

Game setup

It exists two options to add new player:

A) The new player download the app. He chooses from the app start screen "New player..." from the header. He enters here the login information and game group Id. He gets the game group id from his game leader.

B) The board leader are able to add new player, without a registration. Select the menu item "Setup" and tab "Player". In the upper part you are able to enter for the new player the "user name" and "nickname". The default password for the new player is "SCOREmaster".


Role "Player": Only viewer rights

Role "Leader": Administrator of the game group. He is able to create new game types, input game results, invite for the next game session or set user roles. 

Only the leader can change the role type per user.


Yes, an internet connection is required.