Your smart security system for free time, traveling and valuables

Call for Help!

Send a help message with your GPS position and photo of the situation to a trusted person

How to call for help?

Pairing devices

Pair your mobile device with a cell phone from a trusted person. On both devices RooMo is running 


Click at the HOME screen and press the "HELP" button. On request, a photo is taken before and transmitted too


Your trusted person is informed via message and sound until he confirms the call for help. After he opens the app, he gets your location and photo 

Safe harbor

The input of your message by the trusted person is acknowledged with her current position. A secure feeling, message received and possible meeting place as a "safe harbor"

Traveling security

Ideal for hotel, camping or vacation apartment.


Security without assembling

Simply attach the BLUES sensor to the door or window (Velcro, suction cup) or place the mobile phone angled in front of the door.  Done. 

Launch the app and lock screen. The alarm system is armed and detects position change (x-,y-,z-axis) to alarm.  RooMo supports up to 3 BLUES sensors.


All alarms are detected during a locked device screen and can be forwarded to a paired device via cloud. You see the remotely the alarm plus the event location at the map.stute


Protection of valuables!

Be alerted if someone unauthorised moves your handbag, briefcase, tools etc. away from you.


How to?

Put the small BLUES sensor in a handbag or attach it to the tool via velcro tape.  Each movement triggers now an alarm at your mobile device. 3 sensors can be used parallel.

Protection for the mobile phone included: An alarm is triggered by the change in position of the cell phone.


Our Services

Free trial version

HELP messages are fully usable. Only the alarms are limited. They are recognised for up to 2h. Remove the DEMO limits with a low one-time payment.

No subscription 

Credits are only required to transmit alarm messages (remote alarming) or HELP messages to the Cloud (approx 2ct/message). Receiving from the Cloud is free of charge.

Easy start

No personal data (address, email,...) is required for use. No account is opened. Simply download the app from the store and start!

RooMo: Now available in the Apple and Google App store.