Your mobile phone detects the opening of the door and window. 

Sleep well!

Be alerted when a door or a window is opened by an intruder. Ideal for Hotel room, Camping or Vacation apartment.

Bonus: Mobile phone protection included!

Be informed, when your phone is taken in hand by an unauthorized person.

How does it work?

PC-mice as sensor

Place the bluetooth PC-mice in front of a door or window. Lock the smart phone. The opening of the door or window changes the mice position.  An alarm tone is played via your phone. The phone can be placed near by your bed. Note: Multiple mice can be used. 

Phone as sensor

Place the mobile phone angled in front of a door or window. Lock the phone. The opening of the door/window changes the phone position. An alarm tone is played. A movement of approx. 90 degrees triggers an alarm at the lowest sensitivity level. 

The app recognizes the removal of the mobile phone from its previous place when its locked. In this case an alarm tone is played.

RooMo app now available