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Cell phone as alarm and emergency call system


HELP call with GPS position & photo

As pensioner ask quickly the family for help with one click! Or send a "pick me up" message with GPS in an unsafe situations. 

PALES sends a repeating alert to the family's paired mobile phone. It sounds until the read confirmation. In addition, the map shows the position of the caller. 


The caller is also shown the successful reading plus the current position of the message receiver, e.g. as a meeting point.

Overview alarms


Monitoring (GPS)

Position change

Alarm when leaving the current position. 

Vehicle tracking

Any prolonged standstill is shown on the paired phone's map.

Position reached

Alerting when the target area is reached.  

Family / Travel

Safety & Comfort (GPS)

Wake up at destination!

Train or bus journey: Be alerted via phone and wake up at your destination and never miss getting off the train or bus again. 

Arrived safely at target?

Parents are automatically informed on the paired mobile phone when e.g. the child has reached the schoolyard. 

Security at traveling

The mobile phone position / angle change triggers the alarm. An alarm sounds e.g. when a door or window is opened. Hotel, caravan or vacation apartment


Prevent financial loss

Detect power failure

Detect power failure, if the mobile phone is no longer charged: Cottage, cold storage, solar,....

Protect Head phone

Unplugging the jack plug from the "headphone jack" triggers the alarm (only Android).

Protect Mobile phone

If the charging adapter is removed, an alarm signal sounds. 

Alarm incl. GPS position

PALES informs the paired mobile phone via Cloud about alarms / calls for help. In case of notification a tone sounds repeatedly until confirmation is read and confirmed

After unlocking the mobile phone, the position on the map and the message are displayed.


Tip: Low cost alarm sensor with internet

Just use an old cell phone with pre-paid contract as GPS transmitter.  With a 5V adapter or a power bank it can be operated for a long time without any problems in a car or property.  

No yearly fees. 


In-app purchases: 

a) Package send alarm/messages to a paired cell phone. Note: Receiving is for free. 


b) Disable the time limitation (onetime payment): Detect alarms only in the first 2h after arming. 

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