Game Counter PRO

Your digital game notebook

Ideal for sport & play with friends and family:



Select game type and press start. The notepad shows the assigned players.

Add & save

For each round, the app adds up & saves the points and shows the total.


At the end of the game, the best are honoured via an award ceremony.

Match History

Shows the overall ranking for the game type & year as well as the timeline. 

Applicable for many types of games

Follow as co-player the game score input on your own mobile phone with the free of charge GC-VIEWER app.

Score entry for the match with GC-PRO. 

Simply scan the game QR code from the GC-PRO to view live the score input with the GC-Viewer.

Dice when and where you want!

Whether on holiday, on the train or at the bar at homedice are never missing.


Choose whether you want to roll one, two or up to six dices. 


By putting out individual dice, click on the dice, dice games like Yahtzee can be played via the app.


Bis zu 6 Würfel

Video (German)

Software versions


Test now 365 days free of charge without limits! 


Free of charge 


Function identical to the PRO app. View the results of the cell phone entries at home on the PC or enter additional game results on the PC.

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